Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Valley Ridge Art Studio

a place to dream

I have just taught a workshop called Claiming Your Creative Self, at Valley Ridge in Madison Wis. It is one of those places that invites you to feel peaceful, connected and in awe of the land and others.

Until you dream, there isn’t a shape to catch, mold and nurture that dream .

a place to speak

Until you speak, there isn’t a opportunity for the universe to say yes.

a place to feel movement.

Until you move, there isn’t a path.

I hope you can join us sometime at this amazing location to dream, speak, move and create.


william malkasian said...

And we enjoyed having you...the land was blessed

Anonymous said...

And you haven't really breathed until you've experienced Karen's workshops. We look forward to your return next year.

Jennifer White said...

Looking at your pictures Karen...brings me right back there with you. Thank you for a fabulous workshop, I'll catch up with you through email later today.



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