Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reflecting on Creativity

“Once that great underground river finds its estuaries and branches in our psyches, our creative lives fill and empty, rise and fall in seasons just like a wild river. These cycles cause things to be made, fed, fall back, and die away, all in their own right time, and over and over again.” - C.P.Estés

- We each have our own creative clock and periods of inactivity are necessary to fill the well.
- Obstacles are a necessary part of the process and they can become the gold for creative expression.
- Every piece of art has its cycle of birth, maturation, and death.

- Becoming one with the process is feeling alive through creative act.
- Creative insights can appear when we are occupied with something else.
- Listening to the guidance of the creative process, it will reveal where you need to go.
- To create is to be in touch with your spirit, it is a meditative practice.

“ Creation is forever individual and it always involves an accumulation of small acts as well as decisive strokes and sweeping integrations.” S.McNiff

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