Saturday, October 24, 2009

Reflecting on Burnout

The following scale assesses your general level of burnout. It accounts for the personal, social, and work dimensions of your life. Rate yourself from 0 to 5 on each item.
1. Do you tire more easily? Feel fatigued rather than energetic?
2. Are people annoying you by telling you, "You don't look so well lately"?
3. Are you working harder and harder and accomplishing less and less?
4. Are you increasingly cynical and disenchanted?
5. Are you often invaded by a sadness you can't explain?
6. Are you forgetting (appointments, deadlines, personal possessions)?
7. Are you increasingly irritable? More disappointed in the people around you?
8. Are you seeing close friends and family members less frequently?
9. Are you too busy to do even routine things like make phone calls, emails, read reports, or send out Christmas cards?
10. Are you suffering from physical complaints (aches, pains, headaches, cold)?
11. Do you feel disoriented when the activity of the day comes to a halt?
12. Is joy elusive?
13. Are you unable to laugh at a joke about yourself?
14. Does sex seem like more trouble than it's worth?
15. Do you have very little to say to people?

0-25 You’re doing fine.
26-35 There are things you should be watching.
36-50 You’re a candidate.
51-65 You’re burning out.
65+ Take special note, distinct threats to your health and well-being.


Jennifer White said...

When working, I think I fail this quiz so fortunately I have no tell tale signs right now...hopefully you passed with flying colors as well my dear friend.

Karen Wallace said...

Well, right now, not so good. . . wonder why I posted it!!! Love Karen

Elena said...

Funny how my answers have changed since I left work. Healthy I suppose...

Karen Wallace said...

Elena, Yeah it is hard to stay balanced at work sometimes.For me its a matter taking time.


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