Sunday, February 28, 2010


I teach a course at the University of Regina in which students learn how to use visual art, dance, drama, movement, voice and play with children in the classroom.  I introduced  Zentangle last week as part of a process exercise in which they explored movement of line. We started with string.
First in groups they wrapped string around themselves to become a human string art piece. Next they cut the string into smaller pieces and they each created a string line drawing on a sheet of paper.
Lastly, they did a Zentangle drawing on a 4" by 4" piece of paper. Zentangle drawings are small ink and or pencil doodles that are relaxing and fun to make. I use them in my Art Therapy practice for clients who want to have a creative way to relax and focus.


Jennifer White said...

I just recently discovered Zentangle and am mesmerized by it...

Been thinking about you.... xo

Elena said...

How cool! Love those little creations. Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

I just discovered your blog, and am enjoying reading through some of your posts. I thinking about attending the Kutenai Art Therapy Insitute, and reading some of your accounts makes me even more excited about the opportunities for a career as an Art Therapist.

Seth Sanford said...

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Hope this is helpful.

Seth Sanford


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