Thursday, February 17, 2011

What is Your Social Imagination?

Our social imagination is based on how we 'imagine' the world. It is based on how we 'perceive' the world and how we envision or want to see the world. How we see is based on the images that we grew up with, surround ourselves with, like, dislike and internalize.
Today, we watch as Egyptian re-imagined themselves. Due to travel, the internet, and social networking, we have more images now of how the world looks and could look, than we ever have. How has that altered your own personal social imagination? As we all imagine ourselves living forward, what is your own image of how you 'see' the world and want to 'see' the world?
This week I am at our home on Denman Island B.C. For over twenty years we lived in the Gulf Islands on the West Coast of Canada. We have lived in Europe, Australia, and traveled through many other countries, but when I imagine a peaceful, healthy, and sustainable world, it looks  a lot like where I am now. In my imagination there would be old growth forests, ocean, moss, and fresh air.
How are you imaginng the world?


Elena said...

I love that tree! Great post. Blogland has changed my life so much in the past year and a half. My whole perception of people and myself has change dramatically. It's awesome.

Karen Wallace said...

Thanks Elena. Hugs Karen

k.somerville said...

Are those spring buds I see on that tree? Thanks for the nice post :)

Karen Wallace said...

I am on Denman Island in B.C. and yes they are. Hugs Karen

wedding said...
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