Thursday, March 17, 2011

Are you Grounded?

 What does it mean to be well grounded? It means that you are aware of the ground beneath your feet and you feel connected to it. In these times of earth quakes and tsunamis, it is important that we stay well grounded. When we are lost in thought, we are often not grounded in the moment and aware of our bodies and the other people around us. Being well grounded helps us stay present and energized. If you 'out of your body' a massage, breath work and/or a quick walk often helps ground you. When you sit, rock your feet back and forth to get a sense of grounding. Walking in nature usually helps. At your desk, or at home in a chair you can imagine roots coming from the bottom of your feet into the ground to firmly tie you to the core of the earth. Yoga and tai chi are wonderful practices to get us grounded. Being grounded is good for our mental, physical, emotional health. 

1. Do you get lost easily getting from point A to point B? Yes/No
2.  Is it difficult for you to pay attention in the classroom? Yes/No
3.  Have you been called a space cadet, airy fairy, or similar? Yes/No
4.  Do you lose time? For example: Do you ever find yourself in places -strange or familiar- but don't remember how you got there? Yes/No
5.  When asked to wiggle your toes, do you have to make a conscious effort to do this? Yes/No
6.  Do you spend a lot of time dwelling on past situations, finding it difficult to move out of those thoughts and live in the present? Yes/No
7.  Do you avoid putting yourself in situations that require your full attention? Yes/No
8.  Is it difficult for you to concentrate? Yes/No
9.  Are you prone to accidents? Yes/No
10.  Do you have difficulty staying on topic during group conversations? Yes/No
11.  Do you feel that you are more often 'out of body' than 'in body?' Yes/No
12.  Are you often scheming or daydreaming about the future because you are unhappy with the status quo? Yes/No
13.  Do you tend to trip over your own feet while walking, or bump into furniture while moving about in your home or office?     Yes/No
14.  Do you believe that you might be addicted to having astral flight experiences? Yes/No
15.  Do you retreat to the bedroom, choosing excessive sleep, in order to avoid uncomfortable life circumstances? Yes/No
16.  Do you routinely display bursts of anger or frustration in front of others? Yes/No
17.  Do you duck for cover --energetically or physically-- when things get ugly in life situations, preferring not to get caught in the crossfire? Yes/No


The Creative Beast said...

Karen, this questionnaire on being grounded is great! I think it's fair to say that I am pretty grounded, no astral traveling for me! I find walking to be helpful in grounding myself when I am feeling angry about something...

Your point that we can get un-grounded during big events is quite true whether they are happy events (weddings, graduations) or sad ones (natural disasters, funerals) and they are all a part of Life for each of us.

Thank you for this post!

Karen Wallace said...

Thank you for dropping in and leaving a message! Hugs Karen

Elena said...

How very interesting! Oh boy I answered yes to many of those. Hmmmm.....

Karen Wallace said...

Thanks for dropping in. Hugs Karen

ladaisi said...

This post reminds me of my African Literature class. I love how their lives and literature reflect such an overwhelming sense of community as opposed to the western worldview of individualism. They are grounded because they know their lifeline is connected to the earth and the people surrounding them.

Ladaisi Blog

Carole said...

Thanks Karen for posting this. I will remember your suggestions and put them to use when I'm feeling a bit flighty!

Karen Wallace said...

Carole, Hello. Glad they are useful. Hugs Karen

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