Thursday, May 5, 2011

Five Reasons Why You Should look For A New Therapist

Five top reasons:
1. A trusting, compassionate, safe relationship with a therapist cannot include sexual relations of any kind. Sexual actions are inappropriate and unethical. This is the ultimate boundary violation.
2. Being used as your therapist’s therapist is inappropriate. You are paying for your own therapy, not to hear your therapist’s problems.
 3. If your therapist falls asleep, consider your work with them over. I hope that there is nothing more that needs to be explained here.
4. If you feel that your therapist is belittling you, treating you with contempt, or disgust you should leave. You desire respect, and understanding from your therapist.
5.  Beware of a therapist who needs to sell or justify their work. If they are promising more than they can deliver, saying that it is your fault that the therapy is not working or promising a magic cure, they are not being honest. Therapy is hard work, which for most people requires time and energy. 

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