Thursday, April 19, 2012

Art Therapy and Knowing Ourselves

As we move through life, our opinions and ideas change. Sometimes we unconsciously or mindlessly operate from an older belief system when really we have shifted. We want to respond in one way, but we surprise ourselves by habitually responding in a different way. What do you believe, in the here and now? The following exercise gives you a chance to see what you believe now about some of the critical issues in your life.

1. My top three-life goals are___________________________________________
2. The things that give me the most joy are_______________________________
3. My biggest fears are________________________________________________
4. My strongest passion in life is  _______________________________________
5. I worry most about ________________________________________________
6. I dream about ____________________________________________________
7. My top values are ______________________________________________
8. I am happiest when ______________________________________________
9. I view life as _____________________________________________________
10. Three people I admire most are _____________________________________
11. Relationships are _________________________________________________
12. I think my strengths are ____________________________________________
13. My view of money is _____________________________________________
14. Love is  ________________________________________________________
15. My hobbies are _________________________________________________
16. My spiritual belief is ____________________________________________
17. What I admire most in anyone is ___________________________________
18. When I am my best self, I am _____________________________________
19. When I am my worst self, I am ___________________________________
20. I am ________________________________________________________

Art Therapy Exercise for Knowing Ourselves

Start by answering the questions above. Gather some art supplies, a sketchbook or paper and get comfortable. Do some centering breathing. Meditate for ten minutes or so. With closed eyes, draw for a few minutes. Stop and look at what you have done staying open without judgement and then expand on anything in your drawing that interests you. When you look done answer the following question.

I am __________________________________________________________________

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