Thursday, May 17, 2012

Art Therapy and Creative Problem Solving

When we get stuck trying to solve a problem, we often feel overly stressed. Stress narrows our vision and then we have a hard time seeing the big picture.  Being a confident problem solver is really important for our peace of mind and self-confidence. To solve any problem you need to define it, think of alternatives, evaluate and select an alternative and then act on one of them. If we can bring a creative attitude to our problem then we can relax into seeing the problem from different a perceptive.

Art Therapy Exercise and Problem Solving:

Think of some problem that you are struggling with try one or all three of these ideas.

1)    Work backwards: Imagine it solved and then write 3 different solutions of how you solved it.
2)    Work through Color: Do some deep breathing and get to a relaxed state. Now imagine the problem and visualize what color it is. See the same problem through three different color lenses. Now write down three solutions.
3)   Think of two people you admire and write out how you think they would solve it.


The Creative Beast said...

Hi Karen! I'm catching up on your blog and I love the last two posts on unhealthy relationships and your wonderful studio assistant! Thanks for your always helpful posts - the artful ideas to working through difficult situations are really great. I especially like the idea of viewing a problem through the eyes of someone you admire and how they might solve it - BRILLIANT!

Karen Wallace said...

Thanks for your comment! Hugs Karen

ladaisi said...

I never really considered viewing my problems as colors. Right now ... a job thing ... I think it would be the color purple. It's a wait-and-see kind of frustration.

Jen said...

I keep checking back for a new entry! I so much enjoy your blog and am hoping that you are okay and not giving up on your wonderful contributions to the world.It's completely understandable if you're needing to shelve it,just wanted you to know you're missed:))

Find A Therapist said...

I too have a blog on art therapy…mostly focusing on my thoughts, interventions and stuff I’ve been coming across in the news or on the Internet. I’ve been checking out your blog, and I’ve been enjoying it a lot! Just wanted to say keep up the good work..!!


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