Monday, June 1, 2009

Finding what you need . . .

In one color circle what you have already have and in another color circle what you need in your life right now . . .

balance self-esteem tenderness composure love recognition
generosity centering activity confidence caring awareness
health motivation sharing solitude strength knowledge
skill music devotion energy laughter opportunities
laughter fitness challenges support serenity contemplation
relaxation variety trust comfort insight self-expression
structure joy harmony nutrition control companionship
romance touching sex intimacy sleep accomplishments
money patience integration beauty surrender commitment
flexibility education training sensitivity communion coordination
exercise experience receptivity faith forgiveness responsibility
freedom purpose self-control compassion acceptance self-awareness
peace love passion hope creativity contribution
play respect loyalty trust belonging validation
guidance fun safety security progress being listened to
connection touch attention calmness warmth non-judgment

1 comment:

Mary G. said...

Once again- your blog has inspired me and made me think! Thank you for your fantastic blog. It really resonates.


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