Thursday, November 25, 2010

Therapeutic Thursday: Talking about being Authentic

Client painting. 

I am not being authentic when I pretend to be indifferent when I am not, when I present myself as more or less than I am, when I laugh when I need to cry, when I fake beliefs to be accepted, when I fake modesty, and when I allow my silence to imply agreement with convictions I do not share. 

Here are some basic questions to consider:  
1) Am I honest with others about my feelings in contexts where talking about feelings is appropriate? 
2) Do I consciously strive to be truthful in communications? 
3) Do I talk openly, and straightforwardly about that which I love and enjoy?
4) If I am hurt, angry, or upset, do I talk about this with honesty and dignity?
5) Do I stick up for myself and honour my needs and interests?

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nacherluver said...

Very insightful post. Has me thinking. I concluded that I have no problem with any of these. I'm a pretty open person in general. I do, however, selectively share. I tend to gauge what part of myself I share with whom depending on what I think they will accept. I need to be wholly me all the time regardless. Does that make sense? I know what I mean, not sure how to say it.
Thanks for the insightful post.
Authenticity is something I am working on. First I have to fully find the authentic me!
Happy Turkey Day ;)


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