Monday, December 20, 2010

What does it mean to have a Good Relationship with Yourself?

Having a good relationship with yourself means:
- liking to spend time with yourself
- respecting yourself and the choices that you make
- honoring and listening to your emotions and knowing how to release them 
- being a good guardian to yourself
- knowing how to calm yourself
- being present with yourself
- having an inner dialogue that supports you
- holding an open, non-judging attention to your inner sensing 
- knowing how to move past old emotional pain and practicing release
- finding ways to access one's larger potential
- feeling safe and secure in one's own being
- having patience with yourself and your growth
- knowing and living your passions


nacherluver said...

Wow! After reading this post, it seems as if I have a pretty darned good relationship with myself! That makes me happy. (patting self on back with love)

Karen Wallace said...

Hello. How wonderful. Hugs Karen

The Creative Beast said...

Great list for developing an excellent relationship with yourself!

I guess I must be doing okay since I can see some items on the list I'm in alignment with =-)...but I still need to work on the releasing, the judgment and patience with growth parts =-(

I'm a Work in Progress!! ;)

young-eclectic-encounters said...

What wonderful advice. I often feel like I should print up your posts and post them on my bulletin board where I can see them quite often. Thanks so much for sharing.
Johnina :^A

Theko said...

i really ddnt know what to have relationship with urself mean. But i gues now i have clear picture after reading the seems to me like treating yourself the way a friend or parent will do, etc..the things that youll normally do to other people or people do to you or things that are the foundation of a relationship, you apply them to urself.


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