Monday, January 17, 2011

The Secret Tree Festival of Art & Sustainability Feb. 17-20th

Arts for Change Workshop with Karen Wallace

Equanimity, “being in the middle” refers to balance, to remaining centered in the middle of whatever life change is happening. This balance comes from inner strength or stability. The strong presence of inner calm, well-being, confidence, vitality, or integrity can keep us upright, like a ballast keeps a ship upright in strong winds. We each move through change in a familiar and uniquely different way. Sometimes we initiate change and sometimes life throws change at us. This art experience will be working with finding internal and external balance for the changes that we are all experiencing personality, communally, and globally. Through collage, painting, and text we will work with how we can embrace, reframe, revision and inhabit change in healthy life confirming ways.

Registration details: here 

Also check out this excellent article on Nursing School blog here which lists 100 Art Therapy Exercises for your mind, body, and soul.


ladaisi said...

This sounds like an incredible experience.

Many of the workouts I participate in focus on balance and inner strength - there is an astonishing amount of peace that comes with simply learning to balance your body, close your eyes, and breathe.

- Lauren

Ladaisi Blog

Karen Wallace said...

Ladaisi, thanks for your thoughtful comments. Yes, I agree that inner and outer balance is so important. I wish Denman Island was not so far away from you and that you could attend. Hugs Karen

Sabita said...

a great blog...loved it....want to explore it more....

Karen Wallace said...

Sabita, Welcome and thanks. Karen

Jennifer White said...

What an amazing workshop... I think it was designed for me! LOL! ... catching up on your posts, getting back in to a blog routine... xoxoxx

The Creative Beast said...

The workshop you are facilitating sounds wonderful Karen! I can see I will have to move to to your region at some point so I can participate in the awesome workshops you offer =-)


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