Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We Are Failing Our Children

What makes a country great? In my opinion it is a country that provides education for all, health care, where diversity is respected, where social justice is practiced, where there is equality, and most of all where the children are protected, nurtured and educated.
Canada is failing its children.  Compared to other industrialized countries, our children live in high numbers in poverty, obesity, mental illness, and violence. The Harper government has been failing children in this country.  We need the political framework and leadership to solve this problem.
I work in education and health care, daily I see where as a country we are failing our children. On May 2nd  join me to help change this; vote for a candidate who cares about children. 


The Creative Beast said...

Karen, you are speaking about things that are near and dear to my heart...

I work for an agency that provides services to low income children and their families and I can see how they do not receive the education they deserve but there are SO MANY FACTORS to this problem, especially in Los Angeles, that are too numerous to list here =-(

If I lived in Canada I would add my vote to help make changes in a heartbeat! I wish more people could see just how important education is and see how TECHNOLOGY is a key piece for the future of ourselves and our children =-\ Good luck winning votes!!

Karen Wallace said...

Hello. We all have to work harder to help children, thanks Monica. Warmly, Karen


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