Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Teenage Archetype Deck

The Teenage Archetype Deck by Jennifer Hereth

The Teenage Archetype deck created by Jennifer Hereth is an invaluable therapy tool. The eighty-eight cards for working with teenagers were created by over fifty different artists, but I have been using them in my therapy practice for teens and adults. The images are powerful and moving. I have used them as a check-in and checkout tool. Clients pick a card that resonates for them to fit how they are feeling when they walk in and then another when the session is over. On the weekend I taught a Level One Focusing and Art Therapy group and the group picked a card at the beginning of the day and then later after they had their Focusing practice session to represent the part of them that they were focusing with. They are great cards to do self-inquiry and self-discovery work. They can be used to do Family Systems work, relationship work, and in many more ways. They are a good starting point for clients to understand and explore archetypal work. Jennifer has created a wonderful therapy tool. I have taught archetype groups for years and I know how powerful archetypal work can be.

The Teenage Archetype Deck by Jennifer Hereth
The Teenage Archetype Deck by Jennifer Hereth
Jennifer is not a therapist; she is an art teacher, and a painter. To quote Jennifer, “The unique visuals are not illustrations of a term but meant to evoke dialogue. Also the deck is gender, sexually, and racially sensitive to help as many teens as possible identify with the images. All artists donated their artwork and funds from the deck will be donated to charities for teens in this ultimate gift of love.”

I encourage you to buy this amazing deck. My clients love it. Jennifer and her art students have created something unique and very special. They can be purchased at cost $20.00 as a professional courtesy, tax deductible from or online through for $50.00 tax deductible thru Paypal. 100% of the profits go to teem projects. Shipping is free.


nacherluver said...

I love this!!!!

Karen Wallace said...

The deck is so amazing. I love it. Hugs Karen

Carole Reid said...

These cards are great!
Does it take a client long to choose their cards with so many choices?

Café Ciza said...

so moving, powerful and fragile at the same time. Thank you for sharing!

Karen Wallace said...

Carole, Hello. No. People usually seem to know right away which card "fits". Cafe Ciza, I agree. You need to see the cards and touch them to feel their power. Hugs Karen

Pepper McGowan said...

This was just what needed to come together and?make sure it will make growing up less lonely and more empathy breeding too. Thank you.


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