Monday, April 28, 2008

Reflecting on Words

As an art therapist, I am always mindful of using invitational language. When children or adults create art in groups or individually it is important for me and the other participants to use language that describes the art in judgment-free terms so clients do not get caught in ‘seeing’ their paintings or artwork from a judging perspective. This helps them stay in process. Words invite and support the body to move into new spaces. The words used in focusing practice and art therapy help create the conditions for the body to move into flow. ‘Presence’ words have space, breathing space around them that allows for a fresh seeing or body experiencing. This is working in the space of creative potential where many possibilities open up for clients. The words help create the conditions and space that allow us breathing room, time, and comfort to enjoy moving into the next step without worrying about having to make meaning of what that next space ‘should be’. The body can rest in partnership with Presence.

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