Saturday, February 28, 2009

Creating good boundaries with an open heart

When we are aware of our boundaries we are paying attention to and trusting our feelings.
What we feel someone has pushed our boundary we may feel:
Physical Emotional
-headaches/illness - anger/resentment
-stress -fear/anxiety
-exhaustion/rage -embarrassment
-churning gut -numbing/spacing out

Boundaries give us our comfort zone, safety and dignity.
Boundaries are the limits we set for ourselves and others in order to maintain our comfort, our safety and our dignity.
We are entitled to our boundaries. We have a perfect right to feel safe, comfortable and dignified at all times.
When physical boundaries are not maintained, the doors are open to the emotional symptoms and vice versa.
We establish our boundaries by paying attention to our feelings.
We maintain our boundaries by having the courage to speak or take action when our boundaries are crossed.

Practice saying:
I feel ____________when you________________ I want/need________________________.
It’s not O.K. with me when you________________________________.
I understand that you__________and/ however I need______________________

When we trust ourselves to take care of ourselves in this way, then we begin to trust others and we can risk more.

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