Monday, February 2, 2009

Place Like Home

I am creating art for my new show called Place Like Home. Home is an environment that allows you to be feel: safe, secure, contained, and connected with the world around you. There is a sense of belonging and you may experience the body sensations of being: centered, relaxed, free, nurtured, and empowered. It is an environment where you can put down roots: build a “home”, make long term plans, envision living there into the future and it becomes a place you want to return to. Images of “home” are images that make us feel connected and safe in a place.

On a day-to-day basis we collect, store and remember certain images that create certain psychological and emotional states. We all have a storehouse of images that help define who we think ourselves to be. They are stored in the body as sensations, in the emotions as states, and in the mind as memories and narratives. As Rumi said "we are unconditioned beings trapped in conditions." What is home to you?

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