Monday, September 27, 2010

The Creative Process and Getting Derailed

I just completed a pod-cast interview with Ricë, the wonderful author from We talked about things that sometimes sabotage or block us in the creative journey. After the interview, on my own blog I posted about a workshop I had given on clutter and our relationship with “things’ in our lives. Ricë then posted about having an experience of feeling a burst of new creative ideas and then found herself at the mall. Ricë wrote about finding herself shopping or wanting to shop as a way to derail herself from her new creative ideas and/or impulses. Read her very thoughtful post and all the interesting comments from her readers.

When we get new sparks of energy and the creative juices are flowing we feel energized, awake and alive.  We can feel change in the air. Change, positive or negative, does funny things to us. It brings up fear, insecurity, a sense of inadequacy, excitement, passion, and curiosity.

At this stage we need someone to say yes to our ideas, feelings and urges. This creative energy wants to go somewhere, which is why we may find ourselves at the mall. The energy needs to move. Perhaps, if it moved in the direction of being deeply listened to by a friend or partner we would really get the outward movement that we are inwardly wanting. These new creative urges and ideas need to be heard, and said yes to.

In the hero’s journey (Joseph Campbell), the first step is the call to the adventure. For artists, this can be the bubbling up of new creative ideas for projects. The next step is when Old Man or Old Woman at the edge of the forest warns not to go, but says yes to journey and kisses the adventurer on the forehead or gives her a magic charm to protect herself when she enters the unknown.
Am I being too poetic in thinking that when we go wandering at the mall we are looking unconsciously, for this yes?
When our ideas are fresh, shy and not ready to be fully looked at, who in your life is safe enough, trustworthy enough to share them with? Is this what we are really looking for?
What do you think? 

Who says yes to your creative ideas?

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