Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reflecting on Making Mistakes

 We all make mistakes. We sometimes say the wrong thing, sometimes overreact, and sometimes move to fast into situations that are wrong for us. What we don’t remember is that everything is impermanent and temporary. Things are always changing and we can change with them. Often if I make a mistake, my mind fights hard to stay with that memory and go over and over it until I feel full of guilt. If I can forgive myself and let go then I can move away from the build up of aggression, anger, and feeling bad about myself. This can keep me in a habitual habit of blaming others, blaming myself, or seeing the world as unfair.
What I want to practice is seeing the impermanence of situations more and understanding how blaming others, is really discomfort with myself. What I want to practice is self-forgiveness when I make a mistake.  This is the way to creating peace within myself.
I make mistakes in creating art, talking to others, writing, and in my professional work. I am going to try to see future mistakes making as a way to practice compassion and forgiveness.
How do you feel about making mistakes?

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Unknown said...

I try to see each mistake as a learning experience and an opportunity to grow.


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