Thursday, December 2, 2010

Therapeutic Thursday: Talking about being Present

I find it helpful to have reminders throughout the day that help me remember to come back to Presence. Being Present simply means being in the here and now, and not pulled into past memories or preoccupied by planning the future.

Here are some reminders:

1) Before taking the first bite of your food, check-in with yourself to see if you are Present.
2) Use walking through doorways as a wake-up call to be Present.
3) Use starting your car as an invitation to be Present.
4) Frame stepping into the shower or bath tub as stepping into a state of Presence.


simply h² said...

I completely agree, I forget to live in the present sometiems too - always thinking about what's coming next. Nice post.

Elena said...

OOOH I love that picture. I read your post with a huge smile because it fits right in with mine today too. Great reminders; especially like the symbolic nature of walking through the doorway. Thanks for sharing.

The Creative Beast said...

This is a great post and I love the small rituals you've suggested for being reminds me of a quote:

Yesterday is History
Tomorrow is a Mystery but
Today is a Gift, that is why it's called a PRESENT


TOMAS said...

I enjoyed your post greatly. While taking the first bite of food happens each day - each hour anew and anew , that rarely is titled as an awesome fiesta, BECAUSE of the lack of Presence spices. Thank you for the help to grasp the above.
Your post helps greatly to improve the taste of daily walk.
With gratitude and love from


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