Thursday, September 8, 2011

Designing an Art Therapy Studio

 During the summer my Art Therapy Studio looked like this:
under construction

Now it looks like this:

When redisigning a space for therapy work, I feel it is important to create a space that feels open, warm, creative and soothing. People come into the space to do their therapeutic work and I want them to feel welcome, grounded, excited, and to be able to be expressive in the space. I want them to feel that they belong and that they can open up and do the internal searching that they need to in a protective, and beautiful environment.

I chose a light blue (for the sky) and chocolate brown (for the earth) for the colours of the Art Studio to help induce a creative atmosphere. The reading area is comfortable and inviting for tea drinking, reading together, playing games and talking.

The talk process room is composed of rich warm colors deep reds, pumpkin orange, and green.

The sandtray area is small and very organized. I needed to fit a lot of tiny objects into a small space so people could easily access and find objects quickly when they work with the sandtrays.

The paint studio is an open area that allows for messy, expressive work to happen. I have large sheets of white paper on the walls that invite paint to be sprayed, splashed, and perhaps even thrown. There is also room here for movement and dance.

The craft room has bright colours and is very organized so I can find supplies easily and quickly. 


Pamela said...

Oh, it's beautiful, Karen.... I want to come and play.....

Creatissimo said...

It's gorgeous! Very organised, warm and designed for every need.
It's a healing place already :).
Wishing you lots of good days there with your clients.

Karen Wallace said...

Thanks for the comments! Hugs Karen

Ms. said...

WOW.THAT'S AN IMPRESSIVE TRANSFORMATION! Ooops, sorry, didn't mean to be shouting (got stuck in caps., but maybe it deserves a SHOUT OUT. Lovely finish for Falls Start.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Wow!! This is indeed impresive; a delightful healing space. I used to belong to a womens group where we did art therapy; oh how my therapist would have loved this. I would love to have that wall where you could be messy and really get those emotions out. Sometimes you need a large messy space to release those emotions that just seem to want to explode out from the inside.
Excellent job you did
Johnina :D

Carole Reid said...

Karen, it's a beautiful place for you to work in and for your clients to heal. How perfect for you.

Café Ciza said...

I think I could spend hours in the reading area just staring at the progression of color on the shelves ... seems so comforting. Bravo, lovely studio!

Karen Wallace said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. Hugs Karen

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful in every way.


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