Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Using Art Therapy to Release Anger

Expressing feelings of anger.

            Anger is a painful, powerful and complex emotion.  When it overwhelms us, we often want to push it away, stuff it down, ignore it or forget it.  Not dealing effectively with our anger only increases its potential to be destructive.
1.  Our emotions are interconnected, so you suppress anger you also suppress your passion, and joy.
2. Traits in others that anger us are often those that we reject in ourselves. 
3.  When you hold on to resentment you freeze yourself in a victim’s role. 
4.  Anger is a signal that your rights have been violated, your needs are not being met, or that you are compromising yourself in some way.  Let anger be a catalyst for you to learn more about yourself. 
5.  Turn the pain of your anger into energy for change with five steps: acknowledge your anger, identify its cause, determine what you can do, express your feelings, and let it go.
6.  Accept your anger as an emotional fact and a tool you can use for personal transformation.
7.  In the process of identifying what’s causing your anger, you determine what is and is not acceptable to you.  This is vital self knowledge.  Use it to guide your choices and shape your life.
8.  You cannot change others.  People are not responsible for your anger.  No one else can “make” you angry and no one else can take your anger away.
9.  Pleasing others at your own expense can lead to feeling angry.
10.  Anger can open a door to the past, a door through which you can enter and bring healing to old, unresolved issues.


The Creative Beast said...

This a great and helpful list Karen! Thank you for posting it =-)

Karen Wallace said...

You are so welcome Monica. Hugs Karen

nacherluver said...

Great post. I'm pretty good at letting go of the 'victim' role and I'm also pretty good at expressing my feelings of anger and letting go.
#9 on that list is by far my Achilles Heel. Ugh! When I falter on this, that is when I get the most angry and have a hard time letting go. I tend to let go and forgive others actions toward me quicker than I do my own actions against myself. I need to work on that. Thanks for this post. It was very timely for me.

hongkonghealing said...

The thick end of the wedge.

The recent BBC programme called 'Art for heroes" illustrated the lack of resources for retired soldiers, in some cases physically maimed but for the most part mentally scared, and how using art as therapy helped with their recovery.

I live in Hong Kong(China) which, as you may know was administered by Britian for a number of years.
I am currently researching methods for resolution of prosopagnosia and possible help with patients with this debilitating condition.

However my first love is art and
I try ,whenever posible to run free art classes for those with problems.

Returning soldiers with PTSD who have been trained to re act through confrontation and with whom violence is often associated become meek when confronted with a piece of white paper and asked to express their feelings.

I recently returned from the Frankfurt bookfair where I went see the launch of my new *book and was interest in the many(new?) therapy approaches with art as the lever.

I enjoy your blog, if you wish to communicate with me ,only be too happy.


*The Glass Facade

lee du ploy, hong kong

Peace Artist Lainey said...

yes...working through stuff wth art & journalling x


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