Thursday, October 27, 2011

Creativity and Running

Check out my new post at createmixedmedia on running and the creative process.


Café Ciza said...

Oh, Karen! Such inspiration, "Running freely in the elements" just hits it for me! Thank you for this "light on your feet, breath of fresh air" post!
Good weekend! (it will be a cold one in T)

Karen Wallace said...

Hello. Yes, it just turned cold here also. I still can run another month outside until the snow hits. I soon can wear the beautiful scarf and hat you made for me. Love them!!!! Hugs Karen

Ms. said...

HEY KAREN--JUST READ THE RUNNING PIECE What a good list! So many reasons yes, but I have some limitations-my feet are a problem now and I can't find a pair of sneakers I can afford that fit the poor misshapen things (I love them dearly anyway)-it's genetic and I can walk, and I garden and do yoga (which is my spiritual, centering, and body awareness moment). But I did appreciate it all, none the less (the list of reasons)

Elena said...

You're beautiful! And the puppy too. Loved reading your post... reminded me of the Artists Way suggestions of walking.

Karen Wallace said...

Thanks. I remember that part well. Hugs Karen


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