Monday, August 13, 2012

The Five Top Reasons Why You Should See An Art Therapist

Reason Number Two: is because most Art Therapists do not privilege words. Our society privileges words as the dominant means of expression. Most therapies use words (talk) as the primary way to deconstruct and reconstruct personal narratives. When you see an Art Therapist, you could have the opportunity to move, paint, mold, sing, dance, or collage instead of talk about yourself and who you are becoming. Art Therapy could offer you a new, perhaps not yet experienced way to explore yourself outside of the words that often keep you in your stuck-ness. Creative expression offers a fresh fluid way of seeing yourself and your issues or challenges which can lead you to gaining new insights and sensing new possibilities. By moving if you don’t move, painting if you don’t paint or drawing if you don’t draw in connection to exploring your self, provides your body and brain with new avenues to see and know yourself freshly.

We create the best atmosphere for change when we travel to new places and experience life outside of our comfort or safety zone. When we are stuck in our habitual ways of thinking, moving and experiencing life, change is often harder to realize. However, words can be, and are part of the Art Therapy session. Words are important for making meaning, reflecting, communicating and connecting; but art therapy offers more than words.

I work with several clients who are nonverbal and words are not part of our communication and connection. We create together through many other nonverbal mediums. Words often keep clients stuck in their heads when the healing happens faster and deeper when they can allow themselves to drop into their bodies.

Next week I will offer the third reason why you should see an Art Therapist.


The Creative Beast said...

I am now reading your blog post from last week and this week and I just love this series you have created Karen! It is great information to read and learn more about Art Therapy and how it benefits the client...

I love that Art Therapy does not need the use of words, since, as you say, words can keep us stuck in our heads and using our bodies and hearts is often the faster way to heal, as I have learned from experience =-)

I am looking forward to seeing the rest of this series unfold!

BTW: You have won the giveaway on my blog! I'll touch base through email to get your address - congratulations! =-)

Karen Wallace said...

Thanks for your great comment. Yeah I won!!!!!!!!!

Astrologer Satinder said...
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