Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reason Number Four Why You Would See An Art Therapist

The fourth reason why you should see an Art Therapist is because we understand risk. Art Therapists engage with this work because they understand the value of bringing the creative process into the therapy room. An Art Therapist has taken a risk by not going the traditional route of becoming a psychologist or clinical counselor. What we do is seen as alternative, perhaps even odd to some people and often is not covered by insurance companies. We took the risk to do what we believed in.
Why is this important to you as a client? It’s important because change is risky business. You have to leave the tried and true path of your habitual life if you want to change and at some point risk is part of the change process. Risk can be both exciting and terrifying.
I help guide the clients I work with through the risks that they take. It helps to have a guide who can interrupt the steps, offer possibilities and foresee some of the difficulties and challenges. But most important it is helpful to have someone who believes in and has risked change herself to pursue her dream even when others may have felt it was an unwise or irrational choice.

Next week I will end this series by telling you the fifth reason why you should see an Art Therapist.


The Creative Beast said...

Karen, truer words were never spoken or written: "Change is RISKY business" and navigating change in ones life is SO much easier if you have someone in your corner rooting for you, like an Art Therapist or Life Coach who incorporates art, both of which are seen as "alternative" healing practices since they are not YET part of the mainstream. I have faith that they will one day...after all, even psychology was seen as "alternative" once upon a time =-)

The Creative Beast said...

BTW: I love the picture used in this post and your new profile picture - both are so happy and cheerful!!

Elena said...

Oh love these reasons! How fascinating but now more than ever I wish I was closer to you. Love the pics of you and in your header.

psychotherapy techniques said...

i love the article that you have posted..maybe i should go to the art psychiatrist, maybe their would be some changes in my life..


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