Thursday, September 20, 2012

Are You Bored?

I work with some children who use this phrase often. After 15 minutes of being fully engaged in painting or working on a craft out come the words, “I’ m bored”. After 3 minutes into a book that 1minute earlier they were engaged with, “I’m bored”. This, of course is not boredom, it is conditioning. Conditioning by video games and shows that have bright lights and images that rapidly change every few seconds. For these children, what they really mean is they need constant stimulation. They have lost or may not have developed the ability to focus, slow down, and engage and struggle with something instead of turning away.
There are many problems with this, but the one that I am going to discuss is that in order to develop any talent, learn any craft or skill one must embrace, struggle with and work through “boredom” or one does not reach the other side where mastery may be found. How do we learn to not turn away from boredom? How do you keep engaged when everything in you is frustrated, tired, fed up and ready to quit? A few reasons to stay with it could be an overwhelming desire to learn or a strong desire to get better at something. There has to be a drive, desire or strength to push through the want of immediate gratification and dive deeply into the period of hard work. Boredom can mean that we have reached our limits and we now need to keep going even though we may not know where we are going. I know many talented artists that may never reach their potential because they turn away from boredom by partying, getting distracted, and talking about art instead of doing it. You have to believe that you and your struggle are worth it.


Laura said...

great read and really love the last line knowing that the struggles are worth it..thanks.

Karen Wallace said...

Thanks for your comment Laura.

The Creative Beast said...

I am with Laura - it's great to read that the struggles are worth it and I have learned that from my own experience =-)

This is a great blog post as it points out how many people have a problem with keeping focused when learning to master a new skill but your observation that 'boredom can mean we have reached our limits' is spot on. When one reaches this point it means it's time to challenge yourself with learning a new level of mastery =-)

Thank you for another great blog post Karen!

Elena said...

OMG! This was perfect. I need to print out that sentence that you need to believe the struggles are worth it...perfect.


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