Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Number Five Reason Why You Should See An Art Therapist

 The fifth and final reason why you should see an Art Therapist is because they understand beauty. Many art therapists are practicing artists, appreciate art, view art, and are surrounded by art all day. I would hope most art therapists have a love of and appreciation of art and beauty.

Why is that important to you as a client? Because that means you will be surrounded by art when you go for sessions, you will get opportunities to do your own art and you will be in a beautiful atmosphere, which is healing and adds to your healing process. I have watched many clients engaged with their personal development work through art making discover their talent, which they have then gone on and developed. I have witnessed many clients become more aware and mindful of surrounding themselves with objects that provide aesthetic pleasure, collect works of art that inspire them, and begin attending to the beauty in their environment.

Appreciating art and beauty resources us and adds to our appreciation of nature. I hope you have enjoyed this mini series.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much Karen! You are such a great Therapist and artist. and do so much for the field of Art Therapy. It has been an honor to know you !!earg

Karen Wallace said...

Thank you so much Debra.

The Creative Beast said...

Thank you for this series on Art Therapy and why it is so important!

You made many excellent points on the importance of Art in our lives and how Art Therapists utilize it in their work. I do hope that more people will begin to experiment with creating Art in their daily lives so they can experience first hand how healing it is to make art, and to be in the presence of Art and the people who create it =-)

Karen Wallace said...

Thanks Monica.


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