Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Art Therapy and Seasonal Crafts

Doing crafts is a wonderful de-stressing activity. It is well known that stress is one of the major factors that negatively affect our society today. Stress can be ramped up during holiday periods. To counter stressful thoughts slowing down and crafting with your hands helps to reverse the habit of getting into the stress mode. Here are some things that we are doing in the Art Therapy Studio to release some of that stress and anxiety:

Beaded Wreaths

Beaded Candy Canes

Making candy canes and wreaths from interlocking beads. This exercise is simple, fun and creates a great product.

Working with pre-made forms.
Collaged Stars

Painting pre-made stars, trees and other forms. This exercise lets the client focus on the fun part of decorating and painting a pre-made form.

Felt story.

Felt stories.
This is a felt story of the 12 Days of Christmas. Creating felt stories is a sensory rich art activity, which involves creativity, story and play.

Glue gun snow flake.

Making snowflakes. Snowflakes are always a fun, quick exercise that results in surprising and beautiful designs.

What Christmas crafts have you been enjoying?


Leah said...

So enjoyed these photos. Especially the beaded candy canes. I remember making those as a child and it brings back some positive nostalgia, like Christmas crafts are supposed to do. :)

I haven't made any yet this year but I need to get started soon. Am planning on painting some flower pot toy soldiers for my front porch this weekend.

Karen Wallace said...

Thanks for your comment. Have fun crafting!

The Creative Beast said...

Love seeing the crafts your are creating in your art therapy studio Karen! I agree that working with your hands is an excellent de-stressor - I will be sure to follow your advice and start creating some holiday goods just for fun!

BTW: love the previous post on anger too - your observations that anger should not be ignored are spot on!


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