Sunday, December 9, 2012

Guardian Angels

Denise Litchfield is the author of the extraordinary blog, Grrl And dog. She creates wonderful guardian angels. I recently ordered one for my granddaughter Aurora to live alongside her in her bedroom. Who doesn’t need a guardian angel?

In traditional belief, guardian angels were thought to be assigned to protect and guide a particular person, or group of people. Belief in guardian angels can be traced throughout all antiquity. I think we all can say that at one time or another we have felt the presence of a guardian angel in our lives. In a complex chaotic world, it is a comforting thought that someone in the spirit realm is watching over us. This dear little one that Denise designed and sewed has that job in Aurora’s room. Because she is soft and cuddly, this little angel is meant to be chewed on, but I don’t think that will reduce her guardian powers. 


Nancy said...

The little guardian angel is adorable...the room is cute...but your lil grandgal is priceless!! Congratulations and happy days for your family and the newest little one!

Karen Wallace said...

Thank you Nancy. Hugs

Anonymous said...

I am sure anointing the angel with sacred saliva only strengthens the power!
thank you for this story and the opportunity to see one of the angels at work.

Leah said...

What a beautiful baby! Love the angel too.

Karen Wallace said...

Thanks Leah.

Olivia said...

what a little cutie she is! got my little nephew staying over at the moment. he has a little Lemur (green with stars!!!) as his guardian angel :-)


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