Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Photo Therapy

Judy Weiser in her book: Photo Therapy Techniques provides lots of interesting ways to work with photos for therapeutic purposes. Photos can be catalysts for communication, self reflection, understanding personal symbolism, and stimulating memories. She lists lots of practical exercises to help you look at and work with photos.
You can find her at:
When photographs are used as nonverbal communicators they can tell us a lot about ourselves. This is an exercise that I did yesterday. I walked around the house and randomly took 5 photos. Then I asked myself how these photos could serve as metaphorical self-portraits of myself. What do these photos say about me; my likes, dreams, and or feelings? Why was my eye drawn to these images and not others? If I was able to put myself in these images, where would I place myself? What would I title these photos? If these images could be used as a self description, what would they say about me?

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