Thursday, March 12, 2009

Living Authentically

I am living inauthentically when I pretend an indifference I do not feel; when I present myself as more than I am; when I present myself as less than I am; when I affect a blindness that denies my awareness; when I laugh when I need to cry; when I fake beliefs to win acceptance; when I fake modesty; when I allow my silence to imply agreement with convictions I do not share. Positive self-esteem demands congruence- which means that the self within and the self manifested in the world be in accord.
Here are some basic questions to consider:
Am I generally honest with others about my feelings in contexts where talking about feelings is appropriate?
Do I consciously strive to be truthful and accurate in my communications?
Do I talk comfortably, openly, and straightforwardly about that which I love, admire, and enjoy?
If I am hurt, angry, or upset, do I talk about this with honesty and dignity?
Do I stick up for myself and honour my needs and interests?
Do I allow other people to see my excitement?
If I know I am wrong, do I acknowledge this simply and candidly?
Do I feel that the self I experience internally is the self I present to the world?
The hard thing about being honest with myself about what I’m feeling is______________
The hard thing about being honest with others about my feelings is__________________
If I strived to be true and accurate in my communications__________________________
If I talked openly about the things I love, admire, and enjoy_______________________
If I were honest about feeling hurt, angry, or upset _____________________________
When I think of what I surrender for fear of being condemned ______________________
If I were willing to experiment with being a little more authentic every day____________

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