Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Reflecting on Anger

Anger is a painful, powerful and complex emotion. When it overwhelms us, we often want to push it away, stuff it down, ignore it or forget it. Not dealing effectively with our anger only increases its potential to be destructive.
1. Our emotions are interconnected. If you suppress anger you also suppress your passion, energy and joy.
2. Traits in others that anger us are often those that we reject in ourselves.
3. When you hold on to resentment you freeze yourself in a victim’s role.
4. Anger is a signal that your rights have been violated, your needs are not being met, or that you are compromising yourself in some way. Let anger be a catalyst for you to learn more about yourself.
5. Turn the pain of your anger into energy for change with five steps: acknowledge your anger, identify its cause, determine what you can do, express your feelings, and let it go.
6. Accept your anger as an emotional fact and a tool you can use for personal transformation.
7. In the process of identifying what’s causing your anger, you determine what is and is not acceptable to you. This is vital self knowledge. Use it to guide your choices and shape your life.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture Karen...I have to confess, I hold on to things way too long and unbeknownst to me all of a sudden resentment creeps in. I've been working on at least recognizing when this happens, but the art of letting go will always be a work in progress for me...a great post that I should revisit frequently as a reminder... thank you!


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